All new CineRangeFinder G2

The all new CineRangeFinder is now available!
Redesigned from the ground up, the CineRangeFinder Gen 2 has all new dual horn design with custom 40KHz ultrasonic sensor electronics with dual core 32bit processor for high performance range finding on film sets.
New built in laser makes adjustments fast and horn extensions increase power allowing for a more narrower beam pattern and longer range when required.

CineRangeFinder Prodution Cased

What is the CineRangeFinder?

It is the afordable high performance Ultrasonic RangeFinder for assisting focus pullers on Film &TV sets.

We felt that we could make an Ultrasonics based range finder at an affordable price that would allow focus pullers to buy rather than rent this incredible technology that helps them on set to achieve sharper focusing on set.

The all new G2 Sensor

The G2 sensor unit features a completely new design with dual horns for our new 40KHz Ultrasonic sensors which are working in a TX and RX configuration, allowing us to get high gain and high accuracy compared to a single sensor.

The new powerful dual-core 32bit processor with built-in WiFi and Bluetooth allows for more advanced features such as web-based sensor tuning, mobile app, sensing algorithms etc and paired with our custom-designed ultrasonic signal processor and driver,  we are able to adjust sensor frequency on the fly, adjust transmitter and receiver power gains, read the full analogue output of the ultrasonic sensor and more!

The built-in laser allows for quick and accurate adjustment to the Sensor position on top of the camera rig.

CineRangeFinder G2 Sensor

The upgraded classic Remote

We have upgraded the original Remote unit with our new electronics which includes our new dual-core 32bit processor with a wide voltage range power input of 5-50v DC while keeping our bright large 7-segment numeric displays for the sensor readout. 

The easy 3-button menu interface makes changing the main settings quick and easy while alow providing quick access to the laser for checking Sensor position. 

Dual LEMO 0B ports on the bottom provide power passthrough to the Sensor unit when mounted on the camera rig, lowering the number of power ports required on your rig’s power distribution.

CineRangeFinder Remote

CineRangeFinder on set

CineRangeFinder Prodution Cased

Buy directly from us!

We only sell CineRangeFinder direct to customers with free worldwide shipping, warranty service and manufacture support included plus save the 20-30% that local distributors would add to the price of your CineRangeFinder Gen2.