Pin-sharp focus made easy.

With large format sensors, wider aperture lenses, more movement within a scene and the never ending time restriction on set, the focus puller’s job has never been so demanding.

We want to help fix this by creating a range finder product that is more accessible to focus pullers. We have done this by making it affordable to own rather than only affordable to rent on higher budget projects.

Using highly accurate sonar, the CineRangeFinder mounted on top of the camera sends out a pulse of high frequency sound (well above our hearing range) that then bounces off the talent back into the sensor. This allows the CineRangeFinder to then calculate the distance between the talent and the sensor plane so the focus puller knows exactly where to set the lens focus. It displays this measurement in either Metric or Imperial (Meters and Centimeters or Feet and Inches) on large 7 segment LED displays.
CineRangeFinder AIO in a studio. By Maxime Raymond

Multiple flavours

We wanted to create the most versatile system we could.

To do this we split the product into two flavours to give you options on how you want to use the CineRangeFinder system.

All in One

Our AIO system incorporates everything into one single package making setup and operation super fast and easy.

With large LED displays on both sides of the device, the AIO allows for both left and right side operation, giving you great flexibility on set.

Three large buttons on the top of the unit give you access to our simple menu system and a standard 1/4-20 thread on the bottom allows you to mount it anywhere with a magic arm for example.

With only one cable for power, the AIO makes for a clean and fast setup.


Our Pro system splits off the sonar sensor into its own body allowing for more customised setups when having the displays on top of the lens is not piratical.

The separate sensor connects directly to a brain unit that can be placed anywhere on the camera rig so you can see the readout on its large LED displays.

Three large buttons on the front of the brain unit give you access to our simple menu system and a standard 1/4-20 thread on the rear of the brain and bottom of the sensor allows you to mount it anywhere with a magic arm for example.

Spec sheet

  • Long range measurements up to 10 meters / 35 feet  (manufacturer spec)
  • Super large 14.22mm 7 segment displays
  • Multiple display options including Red, Green and Blue
  • Built in high powered WiFi for remote accessories and 3rd party tools
  • USB upgrade port
  • Wide 12v to 20v power input via 2pin LEMO
  • +/- 99 Inches/Centimetre datum offset
  • 4 level LED brightness
The CineRangeFinder AIO on set

The CineRangeFinder AIO on set in a remote location. @nicoflach


DOP wants and over the top jib shot or shaky cam? Maybe you got Steadicam or Gimbal shot? We got you covered!

The CineRangeFinder Remote is a simple device that allows you to remotely operate and view the readout of the CineRangeFinder AIO and Pro units.

With the same large LED display and buttons it is just like operating the actual measuring unit, but can be many meters away (over 1,000 meters LOS) with its powerful 10 channel internal WiFi transceiver.

Using a standard SMA connector, switching out the antennas for smaller or more directional is possible. The Remote is light weight and has a standard 1/4-20 thread on the rear allowing easy mounting onto remote follow focus units.

Ready to improve your focus?