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Firmware Update/ReFlash guide


CRF Firmware v1.2 <- Original Firmware

CRF Firmware v1.3 <- Testing only. No new features.

Download the zip and extract it. Open the folder and right click on “run.bat” and click edit.

Notepad should open with the contents of this file.

Open Device Manager and plug in your CineRangeFinder. Look for a COM port as such.

For me this is COM6. This will change with each device you plug in, eg AIO could be COM6 but the Remote might be COM7.

Go back to Notepad and change “-PCOM#” to your COM port, eg “-PCOM6” for port 6. Save the file and close Notepad.

Now double click the run file and a command line window will show and start to update the firmware.

Successful firmware uploads will result in “avrdude.exe done. Thank you.” and the CineRangeFinder should start working as normal.